Which Types of Floors For Each Environment Of The Houses?

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Types of Floors For Each Environment Of The Houses

TYPES OF FLOORS: Each space in the home has different uses. Defining which ceramics or materials we are going to use in each one is key to investing well and avoiding frustrations. Tips for deciding which floors to lay.

Defining the floors that we are going to place in the different spaces of the house can face a few dilemmas: we want them to be beautiful, but “long-suffering”; That is why it is important to find out a little and know what types of floors are ideal for each environment in the home.

Choosing what to put in each environment deserves to take a while and prevent mistakes. Buying this coating is expensive and laying it too: it is also quite a work. We share some tips to choose better.


Wood floor

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Types Of Floors

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What are the different types of floors?

When looking for the right coating, we must ask ourselves two central questions: what material we would like and for what type of environment. It is very important to take into account the use and some basic questions: how busy it will be, how often it will be cleaned, how long we expect it to last and how long it will be exposed to humidity or water and the sun, among other things.

There are many options, and not only for its materials (wood, marble, stone, porcelain, tiles, smoothed cement, and several more) but also for the different motifs, tones, and colors. Let’s see TYPES OF FLOORS.


Micro cement floor


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Wood floor

Wood is one of the noblest materials that exist and is a highly chosen option for its durability and functionality. They can be easily combined with furniture and wall colors and bring warmth to cold and impersonal environments.

Thanks to the laminates, its cleaning and maintenance are easy, which allows the wood to offer high resistance to the passage of time.

It is important to know the different types of wood in terms of its color, grain, and finish to define what is appropriate for each environment:


Wooden floating floor


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Elliot’s pine: this wood is ideal for exteriors, thanks to the application of products that make it resistant to humidity, fungi, and insects.

Pino Tea: it is a classic of old houses, light in color with darker streaks and very resistant. It is widely used because it is one of the most suitable woods for prolonged use.

Eucalyptus: very light yellowish color and acceptable hardness, the sunlight alters it very little. In Argentina, it is a very popular option because it is a local wood.

Oak: light in color, slightly pinkish, and highly resistant, it tends to darken slightly in sunlight.

bedroom flooring


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Virar: light reddish-brown in color, it tolerates wear thanks to its high degree of hardness. It is ideal for high traffic. It darkens in sunlight. It is used in decks and exteriors because it resists the elements well.

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Ceramic floors

Pre-cured rustic ceramic tiles are the most common. They come in standardized sizes and are easy to attach to an adhesive on the material subfloor. They have an unglazed coating and are resistant.


Ceramic floors


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Porcelain tiles

They are extremely waterproof, as they are generally enameled (matte, glossy, or satin), and they repel moisture and grease

Smoothed cement imitation plates also triumph, which have the advantage that on large surfaces they do not suffer the classic cracks that a concrete floor does. And on the other hand, the increasingly successful imitations of wooden boards have managed to earn a place.


Porcelain floors


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Cement and concrete floors

Polished cement, smoothed cement, and concrete coatings have gained ground thanks to their historic impermeability and their renewed finishes, which achieve very modern and much warmer aspects than their traditional versions.

Today in the market there are many colors available, in addition to textures and finishes that make these materials look great in minimalist interiors, stripped-down environments, recycled homes, lofts, industrial, contemporary or Zen decor. It is used a lot in Nordic decoration.

Here it is necessary to pause to consider some differences. While cement and concrete are modern, durable, and strong, the second is a concrete slab at least 7 centimeters thick, which can be finished with different levels of smoothing.


Types of floors for interiors


See wood-like concrete options in the Free market


Smoothed cement, on the other hand, allows several uses, designs, and varied shapes, but depending on the type of material used, it can break and lose strength if not treated with care. Some variants are very slippery and can be dangerous for some environments that have humidity, such as decks.

The micro cement floor has been gaining ground in different environments.


Vinyl flooring

Vinyl, PVC, and floating coatings are very useful in some environments, such as children’s bedrooms, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.

They have been a trend for years because they are an inexpensive and practical way to have a floor that looks like wood -or mosaic or ceramic- but costs much less and is easy to install.

They are great for covering an old tile or a ruined floor because they can be easily applied over other coatings.


Vinyl PVC flooring


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Another advantage is that they are good thermal and electrical insulators. One con: they look less natural.


Which is the best for each environment

Each room in our house has a different use and, therefore, an ideal floor for its function. Not only is it the one that allows us to complete the style and atmosphere that we want to create for that space, but also the one that allows us to use it with comfort and practicality.

The apartment is, without a doubt, an important protagonist of each environment. Some keys to choose well:


Kitchen floors

The kitchen is a space that has very particular uses, and that in general is sanitized with specific products, such as degreasers and lavenders. Woods are not recommended in the kitchen because they stain a lot.


As for the colors and motifs, those that are too white or too dark require more frequent cleaning because they leave any stains or dirt more exposed.


mosaic floors


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Being a situation of use similar to that of the kitchen, opting for variants susceptible to humidity and the constant flow of water can be a mistake that will end up costing us dearly.

In the bathroom, humidity is the biggest problem.


Living room

Wood and floats look very good because they are warm and have a good temperature.


dining room floors

Depending on the type of general home decoration, we can choose cold but elegant and/or stately materials, such as the marble floor or the granite floor, or some porcelain that imitates them. Smoothed cement combined with wood is also being used a lot.



Here comfort must go hand in hand with aesthetic aspects. Cold materials can be extremely unpleasant in winter when during the early morning one must get out of bed barefoot to go to the bathroom, for example.

For the decoration of the room, wood (the famous parquet, which never loses its validity and generates environments of enormous warmth), the floating wooden floor, or the laminate floor are usually ideal.


laminate flooring


See laminates in the Free market


Of course, the type of heating will be important when defining the floor. If we have underfloor heating, the options can be as varied as in the living room.


Outdoor flooring

Stone coatings are used a lot, because they are very durable and are very beautiful, as well as not requiring much care.

Paving stone options are all the rage and look great on rustic patios as well as garages. In what is a garden, the wooden decks are the latest fashion (you can read: Ideas to decorate gardens: corners of peace and pleasure).

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