What’s the latest in Class A+ construction floors?

Latest in Class A+ construction floors


Floors: The flooring industry for luxury projects always seeks to be at the forefront within the decoration market, this is how today you can find various types of materials, finishes, resistance, and durability that give spaces unique atmospheres.

The manager of Sensa’s Ceramic and Finishing Line in Nicaragua points out that in the region there are four types of floors considered to be the most innovative in the market, these are: enameled, which can be polished and matt; soluble salts, which is glossy polished porcelain; double load, high traffic; all mass, high traffic; and structured, for outdoors.


For Francisco Franco, representative of Tedros, Floors-Bathrooms in The Savior, the trends for the bathroom area are gray woods. There are woods with non-slip or matte finishes, used in residences. He also reveals that in the bathrooms people are no longer using a lot of tiles, but veneers with ceramics and porcelain type wood and quartzite, these do not need care or treatment because they are made of natural material.

One of the advantages of stone-type porcelain tiles is that they have the advantage of being easily cleaned, unlike natural stone. Wood-type floors, meanwhile, provide a cozy and elegant space in living rooms and dining rooms. Some are intended for high traffic that requires greater resistance and durability because they demand a greater weight on each of the pieces or the floors in general.


The trend worldwide has been leaning towards concrete with polyurethanes and epoxies that are used for Premium constructions. This can be observed in large industrial buildings, in commercial and residential projects, where uniform floors and surfaces that can withstand these large flows are sought internal situations.

“The most used by renowned and design factories today are HD or FD digital prints, high definition or full definition, this technology allows the printer to give a more realistic appearance to the piece making it more similar to a natural stone giving more vivid tones, better gradients and 3D effects in some cases”, says Ordonez.

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As for materials, designs, and colors, their ar,e those of wood type, cementitious colors, oxides, and with designs: marbled, vintage, and rustic.


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