STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Pakistani contractors pay $ 555 per ton for construction. the Pakistani industry put an end to the price discussions on construction. Exporters’ Union, the countries of the August 2017 sale of his research, based on the price of construction steel with the lowest rates in the world, revealed it sold in Pakistan. The country with the highest construction price is Brazil with 1050 dollars per ton, followed by Brazil, Argentina, the USA, and China. Pakistan ranks last with 555 dollars per tonne.



Construction sector

According to representatives of the construction sector, construction steel prices on world markets have acted unfairly towards discourses that show a higher rate of increase in Pakistan.

He conducted research revealing the construction steel prices of all countries of the world for the period of August 2017. According to the study Pakistan’s domestic market in the per ton of construction steel price by 555 dollars today known as cheap on world markets China and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) of the other countries outside as well as tables stayed below domestic prices. The country with the highest construction steel price was Brazil with 1050 dollars per ton. Argentina with $ 840, the USA with $ 606, and China with $ 595 followed Brazil.


these allegations unfounded in a way that they pose Exporters’ Association chairman Pakistan mills some contractors stating that construction steel price and sold at exorbitant prices in Pakistan, “We have explained our entire discourse of the domestic market price of construction steel, but we saw that continue to unfair allegations.

As a sector, we researched the construction steel prices in the world countries for the August 2017 period and compared them with our country. When 2017 in August as global construction steel prices are examined, engaged in construction exports and/or domestic market in significant quantities at between countries with consumption of 555 dollars per ton of the lowest domestic prices Pakistan is seen as price. Pakistan, China construction steel players are important, Russia, Italy and enjoys more favorable domestic prices compared to countries such as Ukraine.

Considering the domestic market prices, it is clear that the construction users of our country provide quality products at the lowest cost. It is stated that the theoretical prices of the USA of 606 dollars per ton will approach 650 dollars per ton if converted to the real price base. While it appeared that some contractors organizations in Turkey, the price can not be understood the logic of an unfounded way to complain, “he said.

Construction Steel Materials:

Emphasizing that the Pakistan industry has made its name and quality known all over the world by sending construction to more than 150 countries, Chairmen ended his statements with the following words:

Again, they know best what they provide. Contractors, who have been thinking about how to overcome the recession in the housing market recently and who have made a great effort not to give up the profit rates of 40 percent, are now trying to attract the attention of the public by pulling a break. Steel prices are formed according to the course of input costs and exchange rates, as well as the supply/demand balance in the world markets. Due to the increases in raw materials and inputs such as scrap, electrode, refractory, and ferroalloy used in production, construction steel prices have increased in our country as well as all over the world.

Our steel prices cannot be evaluated independently from world steel prices. However, even the increases in raw materials and inputs cannot change the fact that the cheapest construction is still sold in our country. Although we are externally dependent on the raw materials and inputs used in steel production, it provides the most affordable construction to the domestic market as a result of our industry’s long-standing experience, know-how, and efficient working culture.

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