How to Repair a Tile of Piece? If a Piece is Missing.

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How to repair a tile if a piece is missing

Repair a Tile of Piece:  The kitchen is one of the most visited places in the house, therefore it is the most exposed to minor accidents and blows. In many houses, there are ceramic floors made of tiles, which sometimes partially break. If this has happened to you in your kitchen, in this post we explain how to repair a tile if it is missing a piece.

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Clean the surface

Clean the surface where you will place the epoxy, removing the remains of the adhesive cement. Unable to recover the piece of tile, he chooses to restore the piece in its entirety with the fix-it-all sticky stick. This has a patching and filling effect and, once dry, can be sanded to level the surface.

repair a tile if a piece


Cut the piece of epoxy

Knead well so that the two components of the epoxy product are in a single color tone.


Thus, you will know that the mixture is homogeneous.

break tile

Once you get the dough, place it filling the hole in its entirety, repairing the ceramic surface.

tile of peices


Leaves the dough completely flat

A trick would be to let the dough lie completely flat with a spatula so that it does not have to be sanded later and thus avoid damaging the perimeter.



Apply the polish

Now you will have the surface ready to apply the enamel with a ceramic finish that can be used for walkable areas without fear that that area will be darker. One trick, if the tile is a color other than white or Pergamon, or light beige, would be to stain this ceramic coating with a universal stain. In this way, you blend the color of the tile with the patching. Make sure that the amount of stain does not exceed the amount of enamel so that the density of the product is not affected to obtain an adequate setting and that it can withstand the traffic that the tile will later have.

repair a tile if a piece


Cover Repair a Tile of Piece

Finally, proceed to cover the tile. It is important to wait for the drying time so that it can withstand the traffic. This will give you a chipped tile repair.

repair a tile if a piece

If you have any questions on this topic, open a new conversation thread in the Community Forums. If you have carried out a tile repair or installation, or are planning to do it, remember that you can upload your project to the Projects section.


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