What are steel profile?

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A steel profile is a tool that is formed by obtaining hot water from metal, also known as rolling. In addition, they are divided into two halves, due to their processes: cold and warm. Both are used to create operations and systems, but this depends on the types and functions.

Steel profile type

The steel profile of the process is chosen according to the size of the material to be protected, processes such as tension, pressure, bending, torsion, and other special properties for bonding the structural steel and image of the house.

According to the CMIC of the Mexican Construction Industry Association, existing stainless steel systems in Mexico are used in the design and construction of buildings selected under IMCA names: LI / LM, LD, CE, TR, IE, IR, IC, OR, IS, CF, OC, OS, and ZF.

Although there are differences in the metal profile, this time we will discuss two special ones and their use: design and work.

Standard steel profiles

Intellectual property information

These are the electrical wires responsible for supporting the load of the plates or flat objects placed on them. And according to strict procedures, they are used to improve the process in the design and construction of various types.

In addition, IPR Energi (DEACERO) has an Environmental Product Report (EPD), which identifies material stability by assessing life cycle and reducing environmental impact.

IPS steel profile

It is light weight, which helps to reduce body weight from 25% to 50% due to its content, depending on the system configuration. You can learn more about their home use tips for the future.

Ua channels

It is a heated U-shaped metal profile because it is designed for metal products such as pipes, wires, bodies, beams, etc.

They are mainly used in bridge construction, architectural systems, car repairs and other industrial systems.

Industrial steel profiles

L-type structural angles

It is a type of hot-rolled metal, made of cross-section with two wings of equal length (at right angles). They are used in industrial applications, automotive companies, transmission technologies, for making doors, windows, bars, brackets and other applications.


The basic profile is of different widths and thicknesses. They are designed for commercial and industrial use and have excellent materials. They are used in masonry, crafts, frame reinforcement, trailers and open ropes.

Change the profile

Small round steel bars are produced in different diameters, because they are used in construction and industry. This profile has high protection, ductility and meets international standards.

It can be used in metallurgy, crafts, construction, assembly and special equipment.

Profile box

It is a small and square steel profile that works in various industries and systems. It is used in many ways, but it is most often used in the assembly of trailers or racks and covers. Due to its high ductility and uniformity, it is widely used in the design and manufacture of steel products.

Construction with steel profiles reduces construction time and reduces noise and pollution; It must comply with strict stable international standards such as ASTM A6, ASTM A36, ASTM A529-50, ASTM A529-55, ASTM A572-50, ASTM A992-50.

At DEACERO, not only are these rules available, but we also have dozens of profiles. All this, thanks to the production process and advanced technology, achieves the best in the design of steel tools.

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